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[☆ Miss Goldenweek ☆]
25 August 2012 @ 09:53 pm

how are you all? gooosh i'm so sorry for letting my lj account almost die!
it happen sooo much in my life since my last blog entry...like i left my parents house and life now with my boyfriend together, we got last year our shiba inu baby and one of the hardest things happened in my life...my grandpa died 2011 (love you)Photobucket
and so much more...and now i thought 'hey i missed it to write about my life...soo let's write something again!'

mhhh where should i start...maybe first of all i should introduce our Shiba dog named, Mex! traaadaa~
this was Mr. Mex when he was a little puppyPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
puppy timeCollapse )

mhhh what can i tell you nextPhotobucket
tomorrow is our last day of vacation grml...but we had 3 weeks of vacation i think it's enough hahaPhotobucket

ohh! did hear about Monster High? i fell totally in love with them!!Photobucket
i really love the idea about Barbie dolls combine with Horror!!
i REALLY love them! especially Frankie Stein and Abbey Bominable

mhh i think that's enough for this day!
i think i'll write tomorrow more
sorry for my bad englishPhotobucket

love you byeeee!Photobucket
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[☆ Miss Goldenweek ☆]
09 May 2012 @ 01:29 pm

Aloha!! everybody!!

i sell some of my Stuff and some j-music stuff~ Photobucket
hope you will find some things you will like!;3
all things are in a very good condition and the stuff is original from Japan!!^^
and some things are totally new and never used~

Payment options:
+Paypal (preferred)(€ only and + 1 € PayPal fee)
+Bank transfer (in Germany)

Payment must be made within 4 days.

Contact Info:
email: diru-chan@hotmail.de

Shipping Info:
Shipping takes from 7-14 days, or longer, depending on where it is going.
Payment is needed before the item can be shipped.
I´am not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail.

Postage: Ask for shipping costs to your area please!
and nooow take a look~^^

Come and take a lookCollapse )
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[☆ Miss Goldenweek ☆]
06 September 2010 @ 10:33 pm

Aloha honey's!!Photobucket
How are you all! Hope you doing all well!

In only 4days the 'Connichi' will start! i'm so excited!! to see all my friends again!<3Photobucket
i think i already wrote it here? we going to cosplay the famous Baroque Firm of One Piece! and i'm the lovely and cute Miss Goldenweek!*cheer*
gaaaawd~ BUT my skirt is toooo looong....i feel like a old granny...have to cut it!GNAH!Photobucket

yesterday i took some pictures! i'm so in Katy Perry Feeling! i love her new Album 'Teenage Dream'
already heard it?<3 LOVE!Photobucket

You have to click on the link and you'll see more picture..they're a bit tooo big...i'm too lazy!x'D TAKE CARE! BIIIG PICUTER's!
Aloha HoneyCollapse )

ohhhh~ and i'm so excited for the new Batman Arkham City! UHHHHH~ *scream*
can't wait!! *jump* i found a bunch of new pictures! wow!
buuuut....we have to wait fooor sooo long...until autumn 2011!! *dies* Photobucket

sooo have a beautiful day/night and byeee bye!
oh yesterday it was such a wonderful weather and toit was so cold today here in Germany!! i think i'll catch a cold!Photobucket
is it cold at your hometown too? wah~ want more summer!!

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